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Miami Fashion Boutique and Art Gallery presents a unique fashion designer and iggy urban pop artist. Check out all my weekly Art Fashion and urban pop art paintings and current art and Fashion collection is based on everyday Miami life. All my collections are created all my art studio in Miami

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This Week´s Art fashion Gallery

Art Fashion, everyday life in Miami. every week I sketch new art in my sketchbook, Which I then create into men and womens, Fashion apparel. My Art Fashion collections are inspired by local people in Miami. As an artist, I fell like I’m telling a story of what i see around me. Miami is full of fashion and art and I’m lucky to see so many faces and people every day. Fashion tell the story of each person I guess we all have a little fashionista in us and after spending time with the beautiful people of Miami I get inspired and get sketching, which I then turn into art Fashion and the showcase it in my online Fashion Boutique and art gallery.



Latest Artwork from My Art Gallery

The IGGY BRAND Miami Unique Fashion Boutique

Iggy the artist and Designer behind the Miami Art Fashion gallery Boutique

I´ve always been a Dreamer

let my Art Fashion  Gallery Boutique  inspire you to follow your dreams, join me in my Dream.  I will tell you about my ups and downs as an artist and Designer. what I go thru in my art studio and life.Why I had to combine art and Fashion  into one and how i started in Miami and ended in Miami. My Art Gallery and Fashion Boutique in Miami is more than a place to get some cool art by some painter turned Dreamer. I believe that the journey shapes who you are as an individual. So when you purchase an original art piece or Fashion, you are buying a piece of my dream.  I believe that the individuality behind the art should show up in sketches, paintings and clothing. I look forward to being your Art Gallery and Fashion Boutique of choice in Miami or where ever you live.

Dream , Create ,Inspire. my Art Fashion quotes

My weekly life Art Fashion Quotes

My  Miami Art Gallery And Fashion Boutique is my place to Dream,Create, inspire. I love to inspire others to follow their dreams and that’s why I created the power of words collection. Here I take my brush to the canvas and paint my thoughts. I have always believed that your belief system is what makes you a free individual and allows you to express yourself freely. I travel all around Miami and look at other Artist, Fashion Designers, art galleries and Fashion Boutiques and have come to the conclusion that most people including artist and Fashion Designers do not express themselves fully. i Make these fine art pieces , To show that expressing what we are passionate about is extremely important . So let me inspire you to follow your dreams miami florida.

Fashion, Art and Miami.
You shouldn’t care what people think about you or the things you do. only the dreamers and the rebels can change this crazy world. believe in yourself and fight for your dreams and of course, don’t forget to get some iggy painting from my art gallery and unique Fashion Apparel.