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the only Art Fashion Boutique of Miami where I combine art and fashion to create My very own clothing style

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This Week´s T-shirt
Perched on Infinity


this week´s Tshirt is based on living forever. I used the owl because of its meaning. The Native Americans felt that the owl represented wisdom and knowledge. The owl has the ability to foretell weather conditions so he kinda sees into the future. So if you use the owl spirit in your life it means that you are about to transition in life, some important changes are happening or about to happen. maybe your about to let go of a bad habit or some situation that no longer serves you and something awesome is about to enter your life.

this could also be a cool ass tattoo if I don’t say so myself. But for now you can get it as a t-shirt



Iggy´s Miami Fashion Boutique

Iggy´s Miami Fashion Boutique is the combination of art and fashion. I love art more than anything and as an artist i understand the struggle artist go thru to get there art in front of people. Thats whay i created a fashion boutique in miami so i can make my art and transform it into wearable goods. That way i can spread my dream while making a living as an artist. It has teaken me years to combine both art and fashion to create my very own fashion boutique. I work hard in miami to create the art collections and work even harder to manufacture the fashionable art that you see in my store. this is my life this is my dream be part of it

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Iggy the artist behind the Miami fashion Boutique

I´ve always been a Dreamer

let my fashion Boutique inspire you to follow your dreams, join me in the art revolution.  I will tell you about my ups and downs as an artist and as a fashion designer. My journey what I had to go thru in my  art studio and fashion boutiques.Why i had to combine both worlds into one and how i started in Miami and ended in Miami. My fashion Boutique is more than a place to get some cool fashion by some painter turned fashion designer. I believe that the journey shapes who you are as an individual. So when you purchase a t-shirt, handbag , artwork you are buying a piece of my dream. That’s the reason why I call it a fashion boutique because I have created a brand that’s built around art first and then fashion. In no way am I following fashion trends. Most boutiques in Miami main selling point is the clothes. mine fashion brand is entirely different I believe that the individuality behind the art should show up in the fashion. If you are ready for a clothing boutique that is geared around being different and one of a kind, my apparel is for you. Not that I’m better than other fashion boutiques I´m just different. I have limited collections that reflect the monthly art pieces and I inspire others to follow their dreams. I look forward to being your fashion designer and boutique of your choice in Miami

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My weekly life Quotes

Iggy arts Miamis Best fashion Boutique for unique fashion and inspiration. I love to inspire others to follow their dreams and thats why i created the power of wrods collection. Here i take my brush to the canvas and paint my thoughts. I have alwasy believed that your belief system is what makes you a free individual and allows you to express yourself freely. i travel all around miami and look at other fashion boutiques and art galleries and have come to the conclusion that most fashion designers and artist are not expressing this in their work. So not only do i make these fine art pieces , i also make them into fashionable goods for you to purchase her in my fashion boutique wether you live in miami or elsewhere. So let me inspire you to follow your dreams miami florida.

Fuck It. Just Do it.
this is the attitude i have when doing art and fashion.You shouldn’t care what people think about you or the things you do. only the dreamers and the rebels can change this crazy world. believe in yourself and fight for your dreams and of course, don’t forget to get some apparel from my fashion boutique