I started IGGY ARTS  2009 , Iggy Art fashion . the name of IGGY nickname given to me which eventually became his artistic name. Iggy  artfashion is based in Medellin , Colombia and manufactures the finest quality artfashion. My  goal is to create a unique art and fashion with a fine regard for simplicity and creativity

The details of my art fashion  products are inspired by the Artist lifestyle at least my art style  . All of my products have standard simplicty and creative uniqueness.When you  feel the genuine from which i  created artfashion , it is only then that you can understand the depth of quality and creativity that each fashionable work of art truly embraces. These CREATIVE works of art  are wearable works of art. Bold, sensual and original give every piece in  IGGY´S Collection extraordinary character. The artfashion Collections are  meant to be mixed and matched; its versatility gives women the option to wear each piece with the finest Couture or the simplest of casual.

IGGY ARTS  Company   was launched a few years ago by Ignacio Velez (AKA iggy)  thats RIGHT ME . I  wanted to create a way to show my artwork and creativity  everywhere and not be limited to art galleries and show , While visiting Medellin Colombia I saw a great opportunity in a city that its main economic force is fashion and textiles , I began my journey into fashion and I expressed my bohemian art  style — something unique that wasn’t a typical in fashionor  seen on any women . After designing my firts  sculptured leather handbag   many friends, family members and other New York City and miami  women  started asking for  the Handbags too and, thus, IGGY Arfashion Company was born.

IGGY ARTfashion   is not sold in stores. In order to keep each Collection as unique & special as the person wearing it, it is best to keep the collection “word of mouth” so it is truly a great find. or check me out in miami fashion and artwalks, wyndwood is where iggy be at 🙂


IMG_20140228_120740IGGY , began his career in the fashion industry, when he became one of the 16 finalist for tommy Hilfiger Reality TV show THE CUT  where as a contestant he presented  his designs in canvas form since he was only a Fine Arts painter and not a fashion designer at the time .

In 2001 IGGY  put his  creative efforts into his Art gallery Downtown Miami, working at the marriott hotel at night and taking care of is new born daughter all at the same time  After the birth of his daughter  he  continued to work on various projects, including freelance graphic design, branding and galleryshows .

“Art and Artist  inspires me everyday”

In addition to designing his handbags, IGGY works with many companies  in design and branding , where he lets his clients know the importance of great design in the market place .

I know that art and fashion  market is filled with choices , I invite you to include an IGGY in your life  when you want a splash of creativity in your wardrobe or home ! IGGY – artfashion